Positive Legacy

One World United Through Music

Positive Legacy, a 501(c)(3)not-for-profit organization, works to magnify the cultural experience of those attending Girls Just Wanna Weekend.

Positive Legacy’s mission is to inspire music fans and artists to collectively take action and build a better world by creating meaningful opportunities to participate in humanitarian and environmental outreach projects that support the local community. With a Day of Service, Donation Drive, and Charity Auctions, we are proud to have Positive Legacy as a partner, cultivating and pursuing a better world through music.

Thank you to everyone who got involved and helped leave a Positive Legacy at Brandi Carlile's Girls Just Wanna Weekend 2019!

Full Positive Legacy Recap

Thank you to everyone that joined us on the inaugural Day of Service at Xcacel, a local turtle sanctuary. We work hard protecting, educating and supporting the flora and fauna in their community, on the beach and in the surrounding jungle. Our sold out Day of Service consisted of many service projects: sorting micro-plastics from the sand, clearing space off the beach to build a picnic area, building a fence to keep people from stepping into the delicate ecosystems, and blocking off old trails to the beach to control the flow of people onto the property. The sun shined all day as we enjoyed fresh local food, Spanish guitar music, and swam in the beautiful Caribbean Sea!
We are thrilled to announce that Positive Legacy was able to raise over $27,000 in the 2019 charity auctions! Auction proceeds will support Positive Legacy’s continued environmental & humanitarian projects in Mexico and our work with Xcacel. Thank you to all of the Girls Just Wanna Weekend guests who bid in the auction and made this first year such a success! Big thank you to the musicians and their management, the fans and artists for supporting the auction with their custom donations, and Josh Timmermans and Dave Vann for their amazing photography.
Thank you to everyone who traveled responsibly by helping offset the emissions impact from our travels to Mexico for Brandi Carlile's Girls Just Wanna Weekend. It is not too late to contribute $15 to Trees Water & People to make your positive impact!